A New Approach to Education in the Twenty-first Century

The Center for Future Consciousness offers educational presentations, seminars, workshops, retreats, and consultation as well as a vast array of online resources for individuals, groups, and organizations to help you:

    • Become more informed and thoughtful about the future, heightening your critical understanding of trends, possibilities, challenges, opportunities, and preferable directions for the future

    • Strengthen all those psychological abilities and ethical character virtues essential for developing a more constructive, empowered, and creative approach to the future

    • Expand your capacity for wisdom - the highest expression of future consciousness - and understand why it is central to your personal and educational development

    • Gain a holistic understanding of the present capacities and potential future evolution of consciousness and the human mind

    • Expand and deepen your understanding of future possibilities in science and technology and their potential impact on you and human society

    • Expand and deepen your understanding of possible and preferable future developments in human society and their potential impact on you

    • Develop a progressive, optimistic, and evolutionary perspective on reality and
      the future

    • Realize an integrative, wisdom-based, and future-focused education on the
      central issues of life

The Center for Future Consciousness applies a unique and powerful synthesis of contemporary psychology, futurist thinking, educational theory, philosophy, and science to educational programs designed to increase your understanding of the future and future consciousness and to enhance your capacity to constructively and wisely approach the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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Director of the Center, Tom Lombardo, Ph.D., and Co-Director, Jeanne Belisle Lombardo, M.A., are experienced educators, presenters and workshop facilitators. They are regular speakers at the World Future Society conventions and other conferences, as well as at various colleges and educational institutions, nationally and globally. Dr. Lombardo is the writer of numerous books and articles in psychology, philosophy, education, and the future.

The Center for Future Consciousness also has a network of fellow faculty, educators and futurists who serve on the advisory board.


Educational Resources

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The Psychology of the Future: Flourishing in the Flow of Evolution

Science Fiction: The Mythology of the Future

Contemporary Trends and Theories and Paradigms of the Future

We provide a wide range of educational materials including articles, books, workbooks, videos, and website resources on future consciousness.

Link to each area below to access readings, presentations, bibliographies, web site resources, and (forthcoming) videos.

The Future, Futures Education, and Future Consciousness
The Future of Science and Technology - Science Fiction
The Future of Society, Love, and Marriage
The Future of Psychology and Education
The Future of Ethics, Religion, and Spirituality
Philosophy and the Future
The Future of Culture, the Humanities, and the Arts

Explore our most Recent Articles and Presentations on the future of psychology, the future of marriage, wisdom, character virtues and academic excellence, sustainability, globalization, and more.

Explore our futurist print bibliography, website resources, and recommended books in our Library.

Visit Tom Lombardo's Evolving List of All-Time Best Science Fiction Novels

Visit Tom Lombardo's Evolving List of All-Time Best Science Fiction Movies

Tom Lombardo Futurist Educator Award:

FUTUREtakes, international futurist magazine for the World Future Society, honored Tom Lombardo with the award of “Futurist Educator of the Quarter” for the winter of 2009. Click here to read the article highlighting Tom’s work.


New Books!


Read an Introductory Essay on Mind Flight
& Wisdom, Consciousness, and the Future

Mind Flight:
A Journey Into The Future

Mind Flight weaves together personal narrative and intellectual odyssey, taking readers along on the author’s pursuit of wisdom and enlightenment, his search for love, and his quest for an inspiring vision of the future. Encyclopedic in scope... Mind Flight draws the reader into the vast wonders and possibilities of the future, and is a stunning example of “living the examined life.”

"Mind Flight is a truly remarkable book.”

Copthorne Macdonald
The Wisdom Page

Connect to The Wisdom Page to read the beginning of the book

Wisdom, Consciousness
and the Future

Wisdom, Consciousness, and the Future is nothing short of a blueprint for a new and integrative wisdom-based model of education and the purposeful evolution of human society and mind and consciousness in the future.

“... a profound, deeply important, and timely book that concerned people and change agents everywhere will want to read.”

Copthorne Macdonald
The Wisdom Page

Classic Studies in the Future

The Evolution of Future Consciousness

“…a maturing of future studies, placing it solidly within the larger frameworks of human thought…I would recommend it to anyone practicing or teaching in that field.”

Walter Truett Anderson

Contemporary Futurist

“…a great book… a must-read book for futurists… a masterpiece… a brilliant performance, informed, fair-minded, reliable, and powerful.”

Wendell Bell

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