The Center for Future Consciousness offers educational experiences that challenge and stimulate the mind, expand conscious awareness, empower creativity and imagination, deepen knowledge and understanding, enhance ethical character, and promote personal and social growth. Our mission is to advance the purposeful evolution of humanity through the heightening of future consciousness and wisdom and the inspirational, mythic, and cosmic power of science fiction. 


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Director of the Center, Tom Lombardo, Ph.D., and Co-Director, Jeanne Belisle Lombardo, M.A., are experienced educators, presenters and workshop facilitators. They are regular speakers at the World Future Society conventions and other conferences, as well as at various colleges and educational institutions, nationally and globally. Dr. Lombardo is the writer of numerous books and articles in psychology, philosophy, education, and the future.

Tom Lombardo is an awarded Fellow of the World Futures Studies Federation, a special honor given to members who have made a globally recognized, significant and original contribution to futures studies. He is also an Executive Board member of the World Futures Studies Federation.

The Center for Future Consciousness also has a network of fellow faculty, educators and futurists who serve on the advisory board.


Announcing Three New Books

The Pursuit of Virtue: The Path to a Good Future

“A brilliant, timely, erudite exposure of the shallow, divisive individualism of modern life.”

A concise analysis of contemporary global problems and a focused solution based on the development of character virtues, wisdom, and future consciousness.

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Science Fiction: The Evolutionary Mythology of the Future
Volume One: Prometheus to the Martians

“...a grand vision of the role of science fiction in the progress of human consciousness.”

An evolutionary and transformative journey through the history of science fiction from the innermost passions and dreams of the human spirit to the farthest reaches of the universe, human imagination, and beyond.

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Future Consciousness: The Path to Purposeful Evolution

A “masterpiece” and “truly breathtaking,” “a deeply wise book for a wise future...challenging us to take our everyday thinking to a whole new epic scale.”

Award Winner of the Network Book Prize for 2017 by the Scientific and Medical Network

How do our unique conscious minds reflect and amplify nature’s vast evolutionary process? 
Future Consciousness reveals how we can flourish in the flow of evolution and create a good future for ourselves, human society, and the planet.

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Educational Resources

Our key educational offerings can be delivered as one-to-two-hour inspirational talks, participatory weekend workshops, or semester-length in-depth courses. Topics include:

  • Heightening Future Consciousness

Understand and strengthen all those psychological abilities and character virtues essential for developing a more constructive, empowered, and creative approach to the future.

  • Science Fiction: The Evolutionary Mythology of the Future

From ancient mythologies to present times, gain a consciousness-expanding and comprehensive understanding of the nature and evolution of science fiction, the most visible and influential form of modern futurist thinking and imagination in contemporary culture. 

  • Consciousness and the Future Evolution of the Mind

Gain a holistic understanding of the present capacities and potential future evolution of consciousness and the human mind.

  • Contemporary Trends and Theories and Paradigms of the Future

Become more informed and thoughtful about the future, including both scientific-technological and psycho-social dimensions, heightening your understanding of trends and possibilities, challenges and opportunities, preferable directions, and theories and paradigms of the future.

  • Wisdom and the Future of Education

Gain an understanding of the nature of wisdom, from both classical and modern sources, and understand why wisdom should be the central goal and ideal of education for the future.

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Online Courses on Future Consciousness

Online Videos, Dialogues, Interviews and Podcasts

We provide a wide range of educational materials including articles, books, videos, and online courses on consciousness, wisdom, and the future.

Link to the tabs at the top of this webpage to access articles and books for each topic identified above, such as Future Consciousness, Science and Technology, Society, and Science Fiction.

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Visit Tom Lombardo's Evolving List of All-Time Best Science Fiction Movies

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and the Future

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