Educational Areas and Topics

Each topic in the six areas below can be delivered as a Workshop, Presentation, or Course (Online or In-Person). Additional offerings can be customized to your needs and interests.

  • Area One: Philosophy, Wisdom, Enlightenment, and Education


Introduction to Philosophy: Classic Issues in Philosophy
Wisdom, Enlightenment, and the Meaning of Life
Wisdom and the Future of Education

  • Area Two: Mind, Consciousness, and the Future of Psychology


Mind, Self, and Consciousness
The Future Evolution of Human Psychology

  • Area Three: The Study of the Future, Future Consciousness, and Science Fiction


Introduction to the Study of the Future
Enhancing Personal Future Consciousness
Science Fiction as the Mythology of the Future

  • Area Four: Evolution, Cosmology, and the Future of Science and Technology


The Future of Technology and the Future of Humanity
Purposeful Human Evolution through Biotechnology
Evolutionary Cosmology
The Exploration and Colonization of Outer Space

  • Area Five: Virtue, Ethical Character Development, and Ethical Evolution


Ethics, Values, and the Good Life
Ethical Character Development and Personal and Academic Excellence

  • Area Six: Issues in the Future of Society and Culture


Science, Religion, Spirituality, and the Future
The Evolution and Future Direction of Marriage
Globalization and the Future
Ecology, Sustainability, and the Future
Utopian Visions and Values for the Future
Consumerism and the Good Life



Why study at the Center for Future Consciousness?

  • Expand your understanding of the future.
  • Enhance your overall psychological ability for creating a constructive and positive future.
  • Enhance your basic psychological capacities, including depth and range of consciousness, deep learning and understanding, thinking skills, attitude and motivation, and self-development and self-awareness.
  • Gain a holistic and integrative education grounded in an understanding of the central issues of life.
  • Develop an understanding of the pursuit and value of wisdom and enlightenment.  
  • Acquire an intrinsic love of learning, thinking, and knowledge.
  • Develop a scientifically and philosophically informed understanding of the human mind and human consciousness and potential future directions.
  • Expand your understanding of evolutionary and cosmological perspectives on reality.
  • Understand ongoing developments and future possibilities in science and technology and their potential impact on humanity.
  • Explore basic principles of ethics and the development of character virtues and learn how ethics and virtues are connected with human happiness and both personal and collective growth.
  • Learn about basic trends, potential future developments, and ideal visions of human society and understand how your life will be impacted by these future developments in human society.


In particular, there are a set of specific benefits associated with enhanced future consciousness:  

  • Greater happiness and mental health
  • Increased self-awareness, self-responsibility, and self-empowerment
  • A stronger sense of purpose and meaning
  • Wisdom and character development
  • A more enlightened and conscious appreciation of life
  • Informed, holistic and thoughtful anticipation of the future
  • Psychological transformation and transcendence
  • Participation in and contribution to the evolution of humanity

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