Below are the pieces of artwork created by Tom Lombardo.  For further information about a specific piece or to purchase an item, please contact Tom Lombardo at

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Diamonds in Chrome

The Rings of Reciprocity

Parallel Universes

Galactic Bubbles

Fractal Planes


Trees in a Sunset Vortex

Saturn on the Horizon

Dragon's Tail

The Vanishing Point of Balloons

Moon Drops

Peppermint Towers

Feathered Kaleidoscope

Where All Color Comes From


Two Moons of the Heart

Marilyn Wavelengths

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Jewel of Light

Fractal Pinwheels

Under the Moon

A Ruby Colored Place

Cerulean Butterflies

Church Window

Torpedo Tapestry

Venetian Glass


Coral Reefs

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