New Thinking Allowed Video Series with Jeffrey Mishlove


At the end of October, 2017 Tom Lombardo was interviewed by Jeffrey Mishlove, Founder and Director of New Thinking Allowed. Within a three-day period in Las Vegas, in a marathon experience engaging both mind and body, eleven video interviews were created, covering such diverse topics as evolution, consciousness, reality, thinking about the future, the wise cyborg, the end of the world, wisdom, science fiction, and the future of humanity.

Jeffrey, who has created an amazing and diverse array of video interviews on New Thinking Allowed with many notable writers, thinkers, and explorers of the nature of reality, mind, and consciousness, was an excellent host and a superb interviewer. In preparation for the interviews, he immersed himself in an intense study of my books and ideas, and the conversations had a great rhythm and resonance. 

Listed and linked below are the videos produced in this series for the New Thinking Allowed Channel: