Science Fiction: The Evolutionary Mythology of the Future

Volume Two: The Time Machine to Metropolis

Thomas Lombardo

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: H. G. Wells: Evolution and Science Fiction                       

The Big Picture                                                                                                      
Early Biography and Emerging Philosophical Perspective
Thinking Out Evolution, Time, Ethics, and the Future of Humanity                 
The Archetypal Science Fiction of H. G. Wells                                                    

Chapter 2: H. G. Wells: Futurist and Utopian Thought                        

The Discovery of the Future                                                                               
Utopian and Dystopian Science Fiction                                                             
The Ongoing Evolution of Futurist Thought                                                      

Chapter 3: The Early Twentieth Century                                                

“Disturbing the Peace”: Revolutions and Oppositions                                   
“A Glowing Future”: Art, Invention, and Méliès and the Cinema                     
A Transforming and Expanding Universe                                                           

Chapter 4: A Bright and Terrible New Century: A Cornucopia of Science Fiction I

Utopias, War, and Disaster - Space and Time Travel - Further Encounters with the    Martians
The Evolution of Consciousness and Mind - The Wondrous and Terrifying Cosmos

Chapter 5: A Bright and Terrible New Century: A Cornucopia of Science Fiction II

Love and Survival - Technology and Spirit                                                       
Past and Future - Alternate Realities and Surrealistic Mysticism                   

Chapter 6: The Efflorescence of Imagination                                        

The Fantastic Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs                                       
Cummings, Wright, and the Phantasmagorias of Abraham Merritt                 

Chapter 7: Early Twentieth Century Dystopias and Utopias            

The Iron Heel                                                                                                        
The Messiah of the Cylinder
City of Endless Night                                                                                           
Brave New World                                                                                                  

Chapter 8: Science Fiction Becomes Self-Conscious                      
The Amazing and the Wondrous: Gernsback, Paul, and Fandom                
The Best of The Best of Amazing Stories                                                                                                    

Chapter 9: Science Fiction Becomes Visible                                     

The Emergence of Science Fiction Comics: Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers
The Cinema: Aelita, The Lost World, Woman in the Moon, and Metropolis  

Chapter 10: Following Wells into “The Night Land”