Science Fiction: The Evolutionary Mythology of the Future

Volume Three: Superman to Star maker

Thomas Lombardo

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Super-Heroes and the Multi-Media Experience                                                                                

The Evolution of Super-Heroes: Gladiator and Superman                                
The Cinema: Adventures in Horror, Sight, and Sound                                                                    

Chapter 2:  Prelude to the Golden Age                                                    

Women with Wings                                                                                             
Adventures in Time and Space                                                                           
Stanley Weinbaum: A Martian Odyssey”                                                        

Chapter 3: Astounding Early Writers of the Pulps I                           
Murray Leinster: Other Dimensions and Other Times                                                                      
Edmond Hamilton: Evolution and the Interstellar Patrol                                 
John Taine: Experiments in Evolution and Time                                              

Chapter 4: Astounding Early Writers of the Pulps II                         
Jack Williamson: Pathways of Time and Imagination                                                              
Nat Schachner: Mind, Society, Technology, and Existence                                               
John Campbell: Who Goes There?”                                                                

Chapter 5: Experiments in Reality and Consciousness                                                      

The Cosmic and Horrific: H. P. Lovecraft                                                       
The Poetical and Fantastical: Clark Ashton Smith                                        

Chapter 6:  Plays, Epochs, Disasters, and the Radio                     
Karel Čapek: Robots, God, and the War with the Newts                                                            
When Worlds Collide  and The Man Who Awoke                                                                       
Science Fiction Invades the World                                                                                                                       

Chapter 7: Blasting into the Universe - Doc” Smith and the Space Opera                                                                                             
The Skylark Saga
Chronicles of the Lensmen                                                                                                                                                      

Chapter 8: Stapledon and Cosmic Evolution                                   

Last and First Men and Last Men in London                                                                                               
Odd John and Sirius
Star Maker

Chapter 9: Through the Eyes of Evolution                                        

Mental Evolution in the Universe                                                                     
Ethics, Mythos, and God in Science Fiction                                                    
Optimism and Defeatism in the Mythology of Science Fiction                     
Wells and Stapledon - The Time Machine and Star Maker